Flourish Is Open For Business

Have you ever had a dream, desire, goal, in your heart? There's been times that you doubted yourself? I know I have, its a challenge. I believe it's a challenge for everyone. At first Flourish started as a hobby at home buying pens and wasting card stock paper like no tomorrow. The thought of launching it as a business it was exciting, but at the same time, intimidating, because lets be real it takes a lot of work to start a business. With the help and encouragement of my sweet husband, friends, and family was a great push to start it. And because of it I've met incredible people along the journey that are so talented, and have allowed me to collaborate with them. It's been a sweet experience!

The last couple of weeks, Brandon, my husband has been challenging me to launch a store online. My first thought was "YES"! I should, how exciting! But the thought the of not being successful can be discouraging. I reminded myself that I cant leave in the fear of not knowing what' is in store for Flourish and myself. God gave me these hands to create something I've always been passionate about and he's put the desire in my heart for Flourish. And not let my talent be wasted in doubt and fear. So friends I am PROUD to announce that this week I have launched a store online for Flourish products. I am starting with just a few products but will expand in the weeks to come. I am also excited to share that I will be collaborating with my sister in love, Meghan. She is a phenomenal photographer, and also a great painter.

Meghan and I will be sharing a pretty cool product coming soon, stay tuned. We are excited to share our hearts throughout our creativity. We cant wait! Flourish has expanded and will continue to grow within wedding and other events. Including home decor prints, drink ware, and etc. My hope is that you love what you purchase from us, because Flourish loves making pretty things and we love to make people feel special. If you get a chance go check out the store on my website.


Dina Mitchell

Owner & Founder Of Flourish Hand Lettering

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