Three Years And Counting

Today on April 11 makes 3 years since I said "I do" to the sweetest man and my best friend, Brandon. First of all, I can't believe it's been 3 years! Time does fly! I feel like it was yesterday we were planning a wedding. It has been 3 incredible and beautiful years with its ups and downs. I remember when Brandon and I were first got engaged people would share with us how the first year would be hard but also so beautiful. And they were right! We are thankful for the advice because it also prepared us.

I remember one of our many deep conversations with Brandon, I expressed to him, how I believed that before you meet your future spouse you should pray for someone who can understand journey. You see life is not easy and we face obstacles and victories in life, but when you get married it's completely different. There are season where everything is like a dream of goodness and other seasons of facing trials, but that because God is preparing our hearts during those times of waiting. That's hard! But when your spouse understands your journey things that hurt you in the past or things you are facing in the present makes you feel secure and so loved.

One of the many qualities I fell deeply in love with Brandon was when we were dating and I had expressed to him that I only had a working permit to be in the U.S he looked at me and wiped the tears off my face, and prayed for me that night. He knew my status in the U.s didn't define me.He knew in his heart I was the daughter of the amazing God. Last year, 2016 was one of the hardest years I dealt with. I was facing depression and anxiety. It was like both of the hit me in the face! I felt so weak and hopeless. There were days I couldn't function or think. But Brandon with the help of God and his grace motivated me to get out of bed, prayed and cried with me, and would speak life into me. Despite my funk, he saw me as a strong and brave wife, with great potential that didn't want to see darkness take over her. I get tears of joy knowing God chose Brandon for me. For my journey, because God knew exactly who I needed to help overcome my pain.

One of our recent challenges was the ending of 2016 and beginning of 2017, Brandon had been dealing with major lower back pain due to a bulge disc. There were nights he could not sleep or sit down for long period of time. We both step down from serving at church because he couldn't handle the pain in his back. The pain was constant that it was affecting they way he would walk. He was starting to walk a little crooked. (my poor bubba) Everyday I prayed for him and encourage him that it would get better. But I wont lie, there were nights I felt helpless, I wanted a magic wand and take his pain away. But again it was reminder in trusting God and letting go. There where days the both of us cried would cry together because we didn't know where this challenge would take us. But thankfully we got answers and God himself guided us to the right back specialist to take care of it. He had surgery and hasn't been in pain since then, but still needs to take it easy! As I sit here and reflect and write I know these are couple of things Brandon and I will face, but Jesus hold us with palm of his hands. He said, he would never leave us nor forsake us. I also truly believe that there's beauty in our trials. God prepares our hearts and He teaches us in the midst of chaos and confusion to TRUST HIM and run to his arms. We are His! Brandon and I have grown and learned within the last 3 years and will continue to, because we don't have everything figured out. We've also witnessed God pour blessings over us, last year was our first year being in our new home, new job opportunities, pursue our business Flourish Hand Lettering, own a sassy dog, and day by day overcome our fears. Because with the grace of JESUS everything is possible.

The first time I laid eyes on Brandon I felt God whisper in my heart, Brandon will take care if you.In that moment I have never felt so sure about a decision in my heart! Jesus has me shown me through Brandon to be LOVED, and be vulnerable. Til this day that promise from God remains truth! Our goal as a married couple is to be example in unconditional love, forgiveness, listening to each other, and when trials come our way to trust JESUS.

There are not enough words to thank JESUS for my sweet, hilarious, caring husband. So today, and everyday I am so thankful for my sweet boy for loving me, his love for Mexican food, and excepting me for who I am. You are my dream guy!


Your Wife, Dina

"We love because he first loved us"-1 John 4:19

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