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Hey there guys, it’s been a couple of weeks since the last time I wrote a blog. It's been a little busy around the Mitchells, but it's ok because that means we aren't BORED haha! I was invited by the lovely company Prickly Pear Paper to be a part of a workshop at the Barnone in Agritopia. Recently engaged Lauren Elliot and Mark Johnston are the owners and founders of Prickly Pear Paper, a customed design studio and paper store with letter pressed goods. You guys, it’s the cutest store ever! The best thing is they are local and are in Gilbert about (4 minutes away from where I live.) Lauren and Mark have a great story on how they started their successful letter press store. They made a brave decision last year to put their trust in opening this store not knowing what the future would hold for them and their dreams. I am truly inspired by them and their story on how their dreams came into reality.

On Friday, March 3 they hosted for the very first time their letter press stationery workshop. They wanted to teach people a little behind the scenes on how they create their cute cards. Lauren, so kindly asked if I could participate in addressing envelopes for the guest that attended the workshop. When she asked, me I was like, “HOLY MOLY! YES!”. First off, it has been my dream since I started my journey with hand lettering to attend a workshop, but also learn from other business's. Prickly Pear Paper is a dream store and being able to participate in their very first workshop was a HUGE blessing. It was so fun talking to and meeting new people and so neat addressing their envelopes. This experience was a win for me. I’m looking forward to many more. Please go and check out Prickly Pear Paper in Barnone located at Agritopia in Gilbert Arizona. I can assure you will love the store and hear the story of how it all started, and meet the coolest people ever, Lauren and Mark.

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