Feeling A Little Moody In The Desert

About two weeks ago I had the privileged to attended a "moody" style photo shoot at Saguaro Lake. My work has been in style shoots before but I've never attended one. Let me tell ya, it's a lot of work ! I applaud everyone who does styled photo shoots. The theme of the shoot was "moody style" with dark tones colors but also sweet,whimsical, and romantic at the same time. The location couldn't have been better! I also realized that deserts are great place for gorgeous photo shoots (so AZ deserts aren't so bad after all) which is exactly what the coordinator/ photographer @emeraldazphotography was going for. One of the things I liked most was meeting the other vendors. I was able to collaborate with @norabelledesigns she designs custom invitations and I did the calligraphy part. Meeting so many talented people has inspired me to be better for my business. I loved getting to know them and listening to their ideas and how they started their own business. Taking these opportunities have allowed me to come out of my shell and pursue my dream, talents, and the desires of my heart. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be part of an amazing styled shoot, I would probably say, "no", because I didn't know how or where to pursue my business. This dream is becoming better than I could've imagined. Being a part of this styled shoots have meant the world to me! We gals LOVE pretty things and even more so putting together a beautiful, "moody" styled shoot. If it wasn't for Kaylen @emeraldazphotography bringing her dream to reality, we wouldn't have been a part of a great, moody, and whimsical photo shoot. A BIG THANK YOU to her and all the vendors who collaborated to make this happen.


Photographer: Kayleen Homes @emeraldazphotography

Styling &Rentals: Tara Mendoza @theconfettistudio

Invitation Suite: Kerri Sydell @norabelledesigns

Calligraphy: Dina Mitchell @flourishhl

Dessert: Veronica Fraizer @dessertfirstbyveronica

Florals: Skye Brooke @moonchildfloralco

Linen- @partycrushstudio

2nd Photographer: Rebecca Honeycutt @Rebeccahoneycuttphotgraphy

Video: Rachel Baker @rachel_baker_photo

Models: Madie Richardson @madie33, Brent Schlater (Madie's Fiance) @bschlater, Savannah McLain @savannahmclain, Robert Amado-Catteneo @amadocattaneo

#styledstyledshoot #moody #desert #girlfun #evendesign #photography #decor #photostyledshoot #moodystyledshoot

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