What's in a name?

HOLA! I know I've already introduced myself in the about section, but ill do it again because I want you to get to know me a little bit more. I am 100 % Latina (From Mexico) and fluent in both Spanish and English. I've been married for 3 years to the sweetest man, Brandon. We bought our first home about a year ago in Gilbert, Az and we love it so much. This home is a blessing from God! We also own a sassy dog named Brinkley. He thinks he's half human, goat, and cat. He's RIDIC!

You guys are the reason for what I do. This blog is about my passion for Flourish Hand Lettering and how the name "Flourish" came to fruition. I've always been passionate about being creative, decor, writing, helping people, and flowers. I mean who doesn't LOVE flowers and pretty things? it all began when I got married I designed my own chalk boards for our wedding. At the time I was OK with the calligraphy but just learning. It was so fun creating and designing something special for my special day. And that's when the hoarding of pens and card stock began. I would practice every night after work and the kitchen table became my desk and art studio. At that time I didn't feel ready or serious about starting a business. I didn't feel capable of owning my own business.

Last year, at the beginning of 2016 I made the decision to pursue a calligraphy business and my own blog. There was a lot of brainstorming for this decision with small steps that little by little having been leading to big steps. I have great people around me encouraging and rooting for me to pursue this dream of mine. So why the name Flourish? Well, it all started by me asking myself "what should I name my business ?". I went through couple of names , but names but none seemed right. I wanted a meaningful name filled with purpose. One day when I was at work doodling I asked myself "Dina, what should I name this name this business of mine?". At that moment I heard a whisper in my mind and heart "FLOURISH." At that moment I was like YES, YES, YES! OH MY ! It felt so great and a word and name from God. The reason, why I loved it so much was because 2016 was a challenging, and rough year for me.

In addition, to this it was also a year of growth and overcoming fears that I dealt with that would not allow me to pursue the dreams that God had and has for me. I began to "FLOURISH" and I am still "FLOURISHING" and will continue to. In the midst of hitting rock bottom Jesus showed me that it was time to Flourish. My talent was meaningful and I feel so proud I can create something beautiful with my own hands. My absolute goal and dream for Flourish Hand Lettering is bring your vision to life whether it's your wedding day, bridal or baby shower, your home, and etc. I hope and pray that Flourish will grow to also allow me to giveback and remind people how special they are and they can also Flourish. So I look forward to continue to pursue my passions, and dreams.

Much Love,

Dina Mitchell

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