In Sickness And In Health

I've been a little busy lately trying to keep up and balance life. haha! I know many of you can relate! There's been a lot going on in the Mitchell home ,from health problems to being busy and not being able to clean your own house to family gatherings and our regular jobs. My husband has been dealing with chronic back pain for the last couple of months (he has severe bulged disc and has an appointment with a surgeon soon) . It's so hard to see your loved one in pain. I wish you could have a magic wand and just take it away. While Brandon has been going through chronic pain, I think about the reverberating vow "In sickness and in health". That's some serious stuff! How do I respond to my husband facing pain? How do I help him? I ask myself all these questions.

Marriage is hard but so rewarding and beautiful at the same.

Despite Brandon's chronic pain, I've loved every second, minute, and hour of being married to him more than ever. I believe through these challenges we grow closer as a couple and learned to surrender ourselves to Jesus. YES! it can be challenging when your spouse is going through trials whether is chronic pain, depression, stress from work, cancer, and etc.. But, when we can show our support and love toward one another through all the trials, its so rewarding. Pray for each other, encourage each other, pursue each other even more, and "date" each other. Never forget to say I love you. When we face trials we feel lonely and the negative thoughts creep in and make us feel like we are alone. For me, in the past months witnessing my husband in pain has shown me patience and understanding of his pain. Even if I cant understand whats hes going through,I know he's secure that Jesus has the best intention through all of this and that he knows I support him and have his back(no pun intended).

Here's a quote from @Beating50percent that spoke to my heart in the season that Brandon and I are going through right now.

"I vow to serve, comfort,

and hold you all our lives.

I vow to lead, respect, and honor you.

I promise to laugh, cry, hug, and hold you for

all of my days.

Most of all, I promise to

remain with you everyday

for the rest of my life."- Beating 50 percent

Our prayer and hope is to always reflect the love of Jesus and be an example to others.

Calligraphy by: Flourish Hand Lettering

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